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  • Air Conditioning and heating
Regular maintenance twice a year on your heating system can prevent breakdowns and save you on your energy bills. That’s the key to effectively heating Los Angeles CA homes, according to professional insiders agree. It’s the old adage of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. When you look at the cost of heating repair in Los Angeles, that ounce of prevention is more like a financial investment in your future. Prevention and maintenance now can eliminate costly repair bills and save a homeowner on utility bills.

Fall and Spring are the Best Times for Maintenance

The time you want to perform maintenance on your Los Angeles heating system is in the fall right before you turn your furnace on; and in the spring for air conditioning, right before you turn your air conditioner on. This schedule seems to be common sense, but many homeowners in Los Angeles and Orange County tend to forget when the time for regular maintenance comes along. They’re still looking at it as an expense and not an investment, though it is definitely the latter. If you add up the cost of repairs over a twenty year period that could have been prevented by regular maintenance, it more than justifies the cost of the maintenance.

HVAC Duct Inspections and Property Management for New Construction

Maintenance isn’t just for lived-in properties. A certain percentage of the heating repair in Los Angeles CA that’s done during winter months is on new construction projects that haven’t been occupied yet. The fall of 2008 saw the literal freeze of many construction projects that are in various stages of completion. Those with installed heating systems, particularly forced air systems with ducts, need to be cleaned out and tested regularly. It is imperative that maintenance be done in heating and air conditioning systems, and JW Heating and Air offers this service. Once a new construction project is occupied, a regular fall and spring maintenance schedule should be maintained just as it is for single homes or duplexes. For developers and commercial landlords who own complexes, the savings you’ll receive by making that semi-annual investment could add up to thousands of dollars. That should help offset at least some of the loss you suffered during the recession. Who would have thought you could turn to a Los Angeles heating and air company for something like that?

Air Purification in Apartments and Condominiums

Speaking of complexes, air purification should also be at the top of a commercial landlords list of items to attend to. The systems used to provide the heating and air Los Angeles CA residents require can also spread harmful toxins and allergens. JW Heating and Air provides air purification solutions for single homes and complexes alike. Contact them directly at their Los Angeles heating and air conditioning local office to learn more.

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